Ways of Making Great Content go Viral

So you have just created your pièce de résistance, a blog post that has it all, including a catchy, clever title that took almost as long to come up with as it took to write your perfect blog post. Having triple checked and edited your content and optimised it to perfection, you proudly post it and hope it will go viral in no time at all. Will it do so all by itself? Hardly – even the most incredible content rarely ‘makes it big’ without adequate distribution and promotion. Here are several ways of making great content go viral. 


One of today’s best available options for online marketing, Facebook advertising can be used to have content appear in the news feeds of highly targeted audiences. Targeting options include age, connections and/ or education; gender, interests and/ or likes; location and more. Expanding your reach; driving traffic and increasing ‘likes’ on your pages, this will assist in improving EdgeRank and subsequently improve future efforts in organic marketing.


Tweeting about your post several times a day (for at least a week) is another way of promoting your fantastic blog post. Naturally, it is elementary to ensure your company’s Twitter timeline is kept fresh and interesting while promoting a single post. This can be achieved by using different copy to accompany the same link each time. You could, for example, tweet:

  • Quotes from the post
  • Statistics related to the post’s topic
  • How the content will benefit readers
  • Catchy headlines/ teasers
  • Thoughts about the post and more

 Doing this has the potential to increase audiences and generate more interest in/ responses to your post.

 E-mail Marketing

 Going hand in hand with content marketing, e-mail marketing has, according to Direct Marketing Association experts, the potential to achieve an ROI (return on investment) of up to 4300{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}. In short, add a brief teaser about and a ‘read more’ link to your post to your weekly newsletter and watch recipients head to your site to learn more. You could also target a specific group of recipients with personalised e-mails containing information about the post and a link for sharing it.

 Other Ideas

 Using content distribution software like, for instance, Taboola or Outbrain serves to vastly increase potential audiences, and by actively engaging (commenting, sharing content, asking questions, etc) with the content of thought leaders/ influencers within your niche, you also increase your chances of these people sharing/ interacting with your content, again increasing your impact on wider audience

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