3 Things Professionals should not post on Facebook

When using Facebook as a professional, it is best to avoid some things that may ultimately prove embarrassing at best or damage the reputation of your company at worst. Here are 3 Things Professionals should not post on Facebook when trying to portray an image of professionalism.

 Political and religious Views

 Politics and religion are two of those topics that can cause a whole lot of unpleasant issues. Airing your views on these topics should subsequently be avoided unless, of course, the intention is to infuriate other users or start a potentially heated debate. Frowned upon as ‘unprofessional’ by most, debating political/ religious opinions on Facebook can be particularly damaging for professionals, as it may be regarded as offensive and could ultimately hurt the professional’s reputation or even that of his/ her company.

 Extensive Rants

 Endless rants about something (whatever it may be) are no fun to read for anyone, and if the writer then goes along and deletes his/ her rant a little later, followers do tend to lose the will to live. Writing and then deleting rants of this kind soon after on a regular basis is a bad habit to get into and, likely to turn people away rather than attracting followers, should be avoided at all cost. Unprofessional, potentially damaging and certainly embarrassing if shared among professional contacts, rambling rants should be kept to quiet moments between a professional and his/ her diary.

 Unintentional Posts

 Like it or not, there are times everybody is tempted to ‘like’ or share content of, to say it nicely, unfavourable nature. The trouble is that once you have liked something, every one of your contacts can see that you did. For professionals, such a slip-up could prove costly. While personal friends may appreciate your choice of picture, video or joke, professional contacts may regard you as unprofessional (best case scenario) or even be seriously offended by your choice of post (worst case scenario). Either way, your/ your company’s reputation may suffer substantially as a result. Better to avoid this by thinking twice before hitting the ‘like’ button on dubious content.

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