LinkedIn Management UK

It’s estimated that there as many as 17 Million active LinkedIn users just in the UK. This business based social network is much more than a recruiters tool. Companies using a LinkedIn brand page can build trust, gain awareness and generate leads.


B2B LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn was recently bought by Microsoft for an astounding $26 billion! Bill Gates & co recognise the importance of this network and we are very much looking forward to seeing what changes will be made following this acquisition – You can be sure there will be more benefits for businesses that use the network.

The most ‘professional’ of all networks and focused mainly on B2B connections, LinkedIn should be considered within your social media marketing, B2B or B2C – We can raise your profile for either market, depending on the nature of your business.

LinkedIn offers an alternative (more serious?) outlet for your social postings and content should be created specifically for this network to reflect that. LinkedIn can also offer other opportunities for brand building and awareness by interacting with groups relevant to your business.

A specific LinkedIn brand page is a must. This can be used for company news and other relevant updates.

LinkedIn can also be utilised for effectively targeting users who work in a specific industry by job roles.

B2B, or B2C, LinkedIn can offer many positives – Brand awareness, brand loyalty, user targeting and overall company wide better exposure. Can your business really do without this social network?


HIT Social Media LinkedIn Management

Initially, we ensure that a business page, not a personal account, is set up and populated correctly. We run our standard optimisation techniques on the page to provide better exposure before we have even posted any content.

Working with our clients, we identify what we should be publishing. This will be a mix of standard posts and full in depth articles.

We also look at presenting the longer forms of content and other digital copy to relevant groups, maximising the likely exposure.

Used correctly, LinkedIn can be a very effective lead generation tool. Allow us to show you how…

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