Blog Copywriting Service

Blogs can often be under-used, forgotten about or not used for maximum effect. At HIT Social Media, we understand the importance of a blog and have the knowledge to get the very best out of each article we write.


Why Blog?

  1. To provide fresh up to date content for a website
  2. To highlight company news, offers and other company related areas of interest.
  3. To capture more traffic to a website by using low competition keywords.

Two of our team are specialist SEO Copywriters, with a significant presence in the UK sector.

We have delivered Search Engine Optimised content on a variety of topics and themes that have been picked up by search engines and ranked accordingly.

We have been doing this for a long time now – to put it bluntly, we know what we are doing. Compelling, creative writing that registers with two audiences – the human reader and the search engine.


We bring traffic to websites that would never normally receive such attention – it’s a tried and tested formula that works!


Case Study

One of our clients is a financial advice company. We have written many articles for their blog spanning a number of years. The blog traffic is the number one source of traffic for the site, even providing more than any Pay Per Click campaign to date.

An article we wrote was only created as we spotted a very low competition figure for a particular keyword during our research stages. The phrase ‘Directors Share Protection Insurance’ was incorporated into a blog article.

At time of writing, the blog is now found at the hallowed position 0 in Google results (a box that appears with a snippet before the actual organic search results) as well as within the top 3 positions on Google for this search term, and variants of, and yields a large number of hits on a regular monthly basis.

This has led to awareness of this service and a series of enquiries.


The small cost of a blog article can be negligible if the SEO has been applied correctly. The blog article could outrank competition for many, many years. This can be a cost effective route to the top of Google for businesses.

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