Twitter Management UK

On average, every second, there are 6000 tweets globally. It’s a busy place! There are 330 million active Twitters users Worldwide.

Since being launched in March 2006, Twitter has accumulated huge global active usage In the UK alone, 20 million consumers regularly use Twitter.


Twitter and Business

Playing a pivotal role in the Social Media Marketing strategies of companies around the world, Twitter enables businesses to reach maximum exposure and interact with potential customers on a regular, personal basis.


Twitter Brand Management

An invaluable Marketing Tool, Twitter Brand Profiles expose companies to unprecedented numbers of consumers actively using this Social Network. Engaged, pro-active users help to spread company messages and generate substantial numbers of followers.

The inter-connectivity of Twitter with other Social Media Pages, blogs and company sites allows companies to engage consumers in all aspects of their digital marketing strategy. What’s more, Twitter Pages allow companies to discuss and exchange information with consumers and other companies on a one-to-one, personal basis.


Twitter Profile Management

The fact that tweets are limited by number of characters means that every tweet posted must be short, sweet and to the point. To prevent looking outdated or unprofessional, it is also vital to understand Twitter etiquette. Subsequently, managing Twitter Brand Pages requires a great deal of skill, dedication and experience. Dedicated to our work and highly skilled, we have the experience to provide first-class Twitter Page Administration.


Hit Social Twitter Management

Our Twitter Management Services include setting up new or working with existing Twitter Company Profiles. We tweet on your behalf, creating a minimum of 5 weekly pre-approved tweets (we would suggest a lot more for real effectiveness).

Also included is total management of account, including responding to tweets. Additionally, we research suitable hashtags and can also ‘jump on’ hashtags already in use in the ‘Twitterverse’.

If required, we can execute a growth campaign, engaging and following with relevant users.

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