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If you are not sure about using Social Media for your business, think about this – how many potential customers actively use Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each month?

Let’s take a brief look at some UK statistics via Statista:

    • Facebook: 40.3 million users
    • Instagram: 36.9 million users
    • Twitter: 25.7 million users
    • YouTube: 33.9 million users

That’s a huge amount (!) – and these numbers are just relating to UK usage, surely you would like to tap into that audience?

How can we help you?

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Interacting with Your Audience

Social Media allows you to interact with users. It gives them the chance to have their say about your brand (positive and negative), while giving you the chance to respond to their questions and comments in a positive way.

This makes Social Media an exceptionally valuable vehicle for your company. When correctly executed, Social Media can enhance your brand and promote customer loyalty.


Social Media & Your Marketing

Integrating Social Media into your marketing strategy is essential. Getting it right is even more important than simply ‘being there’.

This means you MUST have a solid Social Media Strategy in place and use experienced, skilled brand page managers (like us)…

UK Social Media Management

We have the skill and experience to successfully manage your company’s Social Networks. Our Social Media Management service offers real ROI as we continually and successfully update and moderate clients’ pages.

We supply specified quantities of social updates specifically designed to engage, entertain and educate your Social Media followers.

At Hit Social Media, we also have the ability to successfully promote your Social Networks, leading to ever-increasing numbers of fans and followers, taking your brand to ever new horizons and potentially thousands of untapped customers.

We also feel a small advertising budget is essential to get the best return from any social activity. We are experts in specific advert targeting and just need a budget to work with.

Decisions …

Which Social Media Network to use ultimately depends on each individual client’s requirements, and we are happy to suggest which networks your company should adopt, with valid reasons as to why.

We have passion about what we do and are genuinely excited about helping our current and new clients. We work hard to ensure a brilliant service is provided and results are obvious and continuous.


Low cost – high

return, proven Social Media.

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