Social Network Growth

One area in which we really excel is in increasing the number of followers to any given social network. We achieve this by following a couple of tried and tested methods which we have perfected over the years.


Social Network Advertising

Network growth can be easily achieved with targeted advertising, reaching out to a client’s required demographic. The returns here can be brilliant with a new (interested) audience ready to be educated and influenced.

We often run Like campaigns in tandem with our other activities to give value to the content we produce and to ultimately bring in brand advocates, leading to better awareness, a more recognisable social presence and sales.


Social Network Competitions

We have worked closely within the UK competition area for over 10 years, which has led to a really good network of competition influencers and access to online resources.

When we run a competition for a client, the coverage we receive is second to none. We also run a couple of competition pages independently with a large following, adding to the potential exposure.

HIT Social Media even has it’s own social network competition platform, where we can ask users to follow multiple networks from just one competition.

To date, HIT Social Media have increased collective social network followings by over 2,485,000.


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We have passion about what we do and are genuinely excited about helping our current and new clients. We work hard to ensure a brilliant service is provided and results are obvious and continuous.


Low cost – high return, proven Social Media.

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