Three Steps to amazing Social Media Strategies

Useful content, like helpful tricks and tips, for example, is doubtlessly an engaging, obtainable part of Social Media Marketing strategies. Having amazing content is a little more difficult, but exceptionally valuable in terms of attracting and converting prospects into customers. Special events, promotions and graphics can provide such amazing content. Here are 3 steps to amazing Social Media Strategies.

 Special Events

Interesting for followers by default, fun to plan and easy to chat about, special events can be kept fresh and amazing by trying a few new things. Reaching out to local media organisations (newspapers, radio, TV, etc); creating Facebook ads and, of course, providing lots of great images/ videos and plenty of information all help to make special events more amazing. Communication is central here, so knowing the brand and everything concerning the special event inside-out is vital to successfully creating an amazing content strategy.


Making promotions amazing can be quite troubling. The same ‘old’ e-mail newsletters, tweets and repetitive contests may work of a fashion, but will be far from amazing and see fewer and fewer followers responding. Creating promotions that are focused on their goal (raising brand awareness; selling a specific product/ range of products, etc) and take into account what followers may gain from them will be far more effective in the long run. In short, focus is the main ingredient of amazing promotions.


 Great graphics can make all the difference to a content strategy. The trouble is, they require lots of time, effort and skill to produce. Unless you have the necessary skills to create amazing graphics, the best course of action is to either hire an outstanding graphic designer to work in-house, or find the best freelancer/ agency you can possible afford. Again, communication is vital, as misunderstandings/ poor communication can result in less than perfect results. Amazing graphics may not come cheap, but the results they produce are well worth the expense.

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