6 mega – useful online marketing tips using Bit.ly

A fantastic tool for shortening long URLs, Bit.ly comes in particularly handy on Twitter and similar platforms with extremely limited space. There is, however, more to Bit.ly than that. This free tool also offers several other valuable marketing resources. Here are 6 useful online marketing tips using Bit.ly

Link Tracking

 Each one of your shortened links is represented on your profile by a ‘bitmark’. You can check out how well each link is performing by clicking ‘View Stats’, which will provide relevant real time data.

 Tracking Competitors’ Links

Adding a plus sign (+) to any given bitmark enables you to keep a tab on how well your competitors’ Bit.ly links are doing. Stats include the number of clicks these links get, as well as showing corresponding retweets, shares and conversations. Knowing what is successful for others may assist in tailoring your next marketing campaign, although it should be remembered that what works for one company may not work for the next.

 iPhone App

 Bit.ly also has an iPhone app that allows you to shorten links and view stats on the go. This is particularly useful when providing clients with real time data during a meeting, for example, becomes necessary.

 Chrome Extension

 This excellent Bit.ly extension allows you to save and shorten Web pages with a single click. Message previews and the ability to share the shortened URL on Facebook, Twitter or e-mails are also available.

 Link Bundling

Bit.ly links can also be bundled and saved together by title for quick and easy access. This is especially useful for avoiding confusion as to where links are going when dealing with multiple clients.

 Bit.ly Pro

 For larger companies/ marketing agencies, Bit.ly also offers a Pro version. Starting at $995/ month, this upgraded version enables users to create branded custom domains/ keywords. Pepsi’s branded domain, for example, is pep.si, while ESPN uses es.pn. This facility is excellent for keeping a brand name in people’s minds through all phases of marketing campaigns.  

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