Three Top Ways of Promoting your Content

Even the most outstanding content on the planet has to be promoted effectively in order to get the attention it deserves. Here are the three top ways of effectively promoting content.


Building a network by connecting with influential Web publishers – bloggers, powerful Social Media users, Web journalists and others within your industry – is a vital element of promoting your content. Building/ expanding your network is something you need to do every day, year after year. Successful network building/ expansion also necessitates:

  • Creating fantastic content that is worth people’s attention¬†
  • Being the kind of person others want to connect with

Networking is, by the way, not about connecting to an array of big and famous publishers/ contacts or form relationships with people you can’t stand. It is about forming/ nurturing meaningful relationships with people who are passionate about/ interested in the same things/ topics you are.

Mutual respect, encouragement and support will ultimately lead to your site and those of your connections growing into ‘big names’ themselves.


Cloned content makes promotion difficult, even it is interesting and useful. Your content should have a unique voice, a voice that stands for something and offers your personal point of view. In short, your content should carry something that identifies you and you alone as its originator.

By approaching a topic in your own, unique way and letting your personality come through as you discuss it, you put a personal stamp on it that will invariably differentiate it from the content of others.

Shareable Content

Making content easy to share is also an important promotional element. This includes ensuring that content:

  • Is formatted to be user/ reader friendly
  • Has a good headline
  • Is useful and entertaining
  • Is easy to share via Social Media networks

Examining regularly shared content on some of your favourite Websites will help you to create content that delivers an experience your audience will want to share with friends, acquaintances, etc.

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