18 Great Reasons to have Pinterest Company Pages

If you are still wondering whether creating a Pinterest Profile for your company is worth the effort, take a peep at some of these interesting facts about Pinterest for business.


Pinterest Basics


To show the importance of Pinterest for companies, it is perhaps best to begin with a few basic figures:


1. The fastest network to hit 10 million visitors, Pinterest is now considered to be third in social network popularity stakes

2. Attracting 1,090 visitors/ minute, Pinterest now has 85 million unique monthly visitors

3. The number of total unique Pinterest visitors has increased by a staggering 2,702.2{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} since 2011 (May)

4. More than 80{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} of all Pins are Repins (that means shares!)


Pinterest Demographic 


As demographics show, Pinterest is populated predominantly by potential customers:


5. The vast majority of users is aged between 25 and 34, which is closely followed by users aged between 35 and 44

6. Around 80{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} of users are female

7. Approximately 50{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} of users have children

8. The average household income of Pinterest users is £60,141 ($100,000)

9. About 25{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} of all Fortune Global 100 businesses use Pinterest


Pinterest User Behaviour


Here are a few facts concerning the behaviour of Pinterest users:


10. Average users spend approximately 15 minutes/ visit on this network (4.5 times more time than they spend on LinkedIn, for instance)

11. On average, US users follow nine Pinterest companies

12. Pins including calls-to-action increase user engagement by around 80{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}

13. Pins relating to trending topics increase click-throughs by 94{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} (average)

14. Guides, DIY pins and tutorials increase click-through rates by around 42{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}

15. Pins including prices get more likes (by 36{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}) than pins without prices

16. Shoppers referred to sites via Pinterest are more likely (by 10{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}) to make a purchase

17. Pinterest referrals result in shoppers spending 70{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} more than shoppers referred through non-social channels, with average orders placed ranging around £48 ($80)




With Pinterest driving more revenue/ clicks for online businesses than Twitter or Facebook (reason #18), this Social Media Network is undoubtedly an excellent tool for increasing company growth and should not be discounted easily by any company.

If you need assistance with Pinterest management for your brand, talk to Hit Social to see exactly how we can help.

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