Why pay for Professional Social Media Marketing?

Generally speaking, creating and adding updates to Social Media pages is not all that difficult, so you may well ask why you should use professionals to design and implement your Social Media marketing. The reason is quite simple: there is much more to professional Social Media Marketing than meets the eye. Read on to learn more.

Time and Money

To begin with, unless you are in charge of a huge company with specific personnel dedicated to your IT requirements, designing and implementing an effective marketing strategy for Social Media purposes will take up valuable time you or the employee/s given the task should probably be spending on other important tasks.

This may result in unanswered customer queries, unfollowed leads or delayed order deliveries. The cost of such lapses could potentially outweigh the cost involved in getting professional help by far.

Social Media professionals can dedicate their undivided attention to the task at hand without upsetting your company’s daily activities, saving you time and money in the process.


Knowing which networks to go with; how to effectively set up, optimise and promote Social Media Business Profiles is vital if strategies are to be successful. With all due respect, even if they had the time, few business owners / employees have (unless they are specialised in the industry) the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure successful Social Media Marketing.

Years of experience allow professional Social Media Networking teams to design a marketing strategy to perfectly suit the type and size of your business. All content, relevant keywords, update-timing and frequency are carefully considered and implemented in a professional manner designed to:

  • Drive consumer engagement
  • Increase audiences through social likes and shares
  • Increase traffic through search engine optimisation
  • Generate leads that result in conversions

Ultimately, using professional Social Media Marketing will increase your reach, improve conversion / sales figures and increase your company’s growth.

Monitoring and Analysis

Simply putting a page or two into place and adding content / updates is rarely enough to guarantee effective marketing strategies. Carefully monitoring all elements of your strategy is vital and, again, takes time and experience.

Professionals have both the time and the necessary know-how / experience to continually monitor your strategy’s elements; analyse the resulting data and quickly respond to amend any elements that may not be performing according to expectations. As a result, the overall strategy will perform to maximum capacity and drive your company to unheard-of heights of success.


Put in a nutshell, professional services (like ours at Hit Social!) create and run Social Media Marketing campaigns that result in significant growth, while at the same time saving you time, effort and money.

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