Why Brands Should Not Ignore Google Plus

Integrating Google+ into your brand’s Social Media Marketing strategy is of vital importance to the growth of your company. Ignoring Google+, one of the fastest growing Social Media Networks, could be a huge mistake this year. Here is why.

343 Million Pebbles

Imagine, for a moment, that the Google+ Network is a huge lake and that each of its current 343 million active users each have pebbles (the ability to create circles, endorse and comment on pages, etc). Having created your first ripples by creating your Google Plus Brand Page, these ripples are expanded by adding people to your circles. 

Doing the Maths

Let’s assume that just 0.0001{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} of active G+ users (34,300 potential customers) actually come across your pages. Assuming further that just 0.01{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} (343) of these people decides to comment, ask a question or endorse your page and that each of them has 10 people in their circles, your potential reach has just increased by another 3,430 individuals. In other words, every pebble you throw into the lake has the potential to exponentially increase your ripples and subsequently widen your potential audience.

SEO Benefits

But there is more: being part of Google, Google+ also offers some exceptional SEO benefits. Social signals play a vital role in search engine rankings, and, unlike other networks, G+ does not limit the effectiveness of +1’s, shares, etc by limiting access to pertinent data. What’s more, the network enables crawling (real-time) and blog/ site URL indexing and the titles of G+ posts can effectively increase search engine rankings by becoming anchor text links, a process that is further enhanced through resharing of posts. Improved search engine rankings mean increased traffic, further expanding your ripples and increasing the chance of substantial company growth.


Furthermore, interacting with potential customers, suppliers and other potentially important individuals through comments (and prompt responses), communities and hangouts allow vital relationships to be formed and nurtured. Interaction enables you to keep ahead of the latest developments within your industry; gain potential customers’ trust by providing them with relevant information and an insight into your brand, and more.

Why you should not ignore Google Plus

In short, Google+ enables you to raise awareness of your brand and has the potential to substantially increase your customer base by generating increased traffic and strong, lasting relationships.

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