How To Get Facebook Page ‘Likes’

Hook, Line and Sinker – Reeling in those Facebook ‘Likes’

Facebook Company Profiles’ raison d’être is to raise brand awareness and sell products/ services among ever widening audiences. Getting plenty of ‘Likes’ is essential to maximise your Facebook Brand Page’s exposure. Here are a few ways of hooking those elusive ‘Likes’ more effectively.

The right Bait

Fish only bite on suitable bait. Similarly, you need to ensure the content you provide on your Facebook Company Page is suited to your intended audience. Know what they like and make your content informative, engaging and relevant to them. Entertain them – companies are allowed to be funny, too. Simply ‘pushing’ your products/ services is likely to send them running, so keep sales-pitch for your Website.

Bite-sized Bait

Facebook users want to see short, snappy status updates, not novels. Linking short, but informative updates, videos and images to more extensive content (Website, blog, etc) increases the likelihood of getting liked and the chances of people clicking through to those sites.

Keep it fresh

Stale bait gets ignored, so keep your content fresh by posting regularly and frequently, but don’t bombard people with an overload of meaningless trifle. One or two good posts a day keep up interest and, according to a Kiss Metrics analysis, can increase engagement by as much as 40{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3}.

Using ‘Floats’

Anglers use ‘floats’ to get fishes’ attention. Engage your audience by inviting comments and questions, as well as asking people to ‘Like’ what they see. Naturally, it is of utmost importance to answer any questions and respond to comments promptly. Asking audiences to answer questions is equally useful (as is not forgetting to thank people personally for their answers!). 


Dangling Treats

Incentives are another excellent method of getting audiences engaged and generating ‘Likes’. This may include:

  • Contests – Interactive ‘Fan only’ contests with great prizes and fun ways of entering attract lots of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’. You could, for instance, ask fans to upload photos of them using your products, or ask them to share funny/ exiting stories connected to using them.
  • Offers – Tempt audiences with discounts or coupons for liking your pages or ‘Fan only’ special offers to spark their engagement.
  • Gating Content – Tease audiences with a taster of your best content, but make the full content available to fans only.

Striking a balance is vital here – too few or too many incentives will equally result in audiences getting bored. 

Other Ways of Hooking ‘Likes’

Building relationships by liking / commenting on other people’s posts; joining groups, sharing content with related businesses and running targeted, well-considered Facebook ads; adding ‘Like us on Facebook’ buttons to your Website, blog, newsletters and e-mail signature.

Mobile promotion also work wonders when it comes to hooking ‘Likes’. Mobile promotion, by the way, works by asking people with activated mobile devices to like your page by texting ‘like nameofpage’ to FBOOK (32665). 

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