Sharing Videos on Pinterest

Sharing Videos on Pinterest

Many Pinterest users employ this social media network exclusively to share images. It is, however, possible to expand your exposure significantly by also sharing audio pod casts, SlideShares and videos. Here are a few tips for sharing videos on Pinterest. We will address sharing pod casts and SlideShares via Pinterest/ social media another time.

Pinterest Videos

YouTube and Vimeo videos are both pinnable and, of course, playable via Pinterest and other social media. Once uploaded, they can be pinned easily by simply clicking the Pin It button. To make sure it gets the right attention among the huge competition it faces on social media pages, make sure you take the following steps:

Thumbnail – Create an eye-catching thumbnail to significantly increase the number of repins and plays your video receives.

Pin Description – Make the Pin description engaging and keyword-rich. Add the word ‘video’ to the description right at the beginning for extra attention. Consider adding the URL for the blog post/ page on which your video is embedded to the description to get an extra link to your Website.

You can also edit the link of the Pin so it leads directly to your blog/ Website. Naturally, this method of creating an additional link from social media promoted videos to your site should only be employed if the video is your own.

Sharing Video Images on Social Media

Another option to promote videos via Pinterest or other social media sites is to create specific images for them. After embedding videos on your site/ blog, create images linking to them. This gives others two options of pinning/ repinning your videos or sharing them on other social media networks.

Hints for Creating Images

Larger businesses may choose to have photo shoots while shooting videos. Smaller businesses/ private individuals can save time and money by simply taking screenshots of the clip. Naturally, it is necessary to inform people that the images they see on social media feeds are videos. Do this by creating tall pinnable images and adding text to make visitors curious about them. Strategically placing ‘Play’ triangles over images will also show social media users that images are videos.


You can obviously place your videos onto multiple Pinterest boards. Creating a board exclusively for videos is, however, definitely worth considering, as it makes it easy for people who want to see more to find all your videos in a single location.

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