Ideas for fresh Social Media Updates, Part 3

Ideas for fresh Social Media Updates, Part 3

As promised last month, here is part 3 of our ideas for fresh social media updates. This part deals with:

  • Quotes
  • Mentioning Others
  • Sharing Others’ Updates
  • Saying ‘Thank you’

We will also briefly consider replying to messages, which is ultimately as important as adding fresh content in the first place.


Attention grabbing quotes enjoy high popularity among social media users. Finding quotes relevant to your business/ industry is made easy by a plethora of Websites curating different categories of quotes.

Select or create visually appealing quote images that convey sentiments readers can connect with. Do not be tempted to stick to inspirational quotes. Instead, consider using quotes from books, blog posts or seminars, for example. When publishing the update, tag the individual you are quoting. He/ she may not only follow you, but may also share your post.

Mentioning Others


Mentioning other people is a great way of creating a strong contact network, while simultaneously providing added value for your audience. If someone within your niche/ industry is making contributions worth following, tell your audience about them. Has someone offered a great tip? Been to an excellent conference recently? Share it – and remember to use the conference hash tag. People mentioned in posts typically receive alerts. Seeing your post/ tweet may well result in it being shared/ retweeted by them.  

Sharing Others’ Updates

It is always a good idea to occasionally share other people’s valuable, important or simply funny content. First of all, people appreciate being noticed and may subsequently return the favour. Secondly, it allows you to be seen as an industry expert. Sharing a good mix of relevant information lets fans/ followers know they can come to you for industry news and fun content. Your online relationships are subsequently strengthened.

Saying ‘Thank you’

Saying ‘thank you’ to someone who has helped you solve a persistent problem or provided you with exceptional customer service goes a long way towards growing strong professional relationships. Acting as testimonials, thank you messages are invariably appreciated and again provide valuable information to your followers.

Replying to Message

Finally, do reply to messages at least once a day. Being part of the conversation is vital to interacting and building stronger relationships with your audience.

Next Month…

Enjoyed reading this? Look out for Part 4, which will be dealing with staff interviews, useful and visual content, and more.

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