5 Steps to successfully ‘Going Visual’

Visual content (photos, graphics, video, etc) is becoming increasingly important as part of social media strategies. The reason for this is simple: statistics for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and similar sites show that users tend to engage far more with visual content than text-based updates. Posts accompanied by images generate approximately 39{1884f1fad642c0a335e320fbf36199da8501940de449f82beb0b1edf5c3b25f3} more engagement than those without.

Increasing Reach

What’s more, users not only remember pictures, they will also associate specific brands with similar pictures even when seeing them in different contexts. This kind of reach cannot be achieved with text-based content only. Obviously, ‘throwing in’ the occasional low-quality image will do little to help. Like any other content strategy, visual strategies must be carefully considered, planned and executed. 5¬†Steps to successfully ‘Going Visual’

Visually defining Brands

Visual definition of brands is not just about products, but about what images, patterns and colours best serve to represent a company. Images should tell stories, not just about brands, but also of users.

Broad Thinking

Not all visual content has to (or even should) be focused on the brand posting it. American Express, for example, maintains pin-boards for brides, bucket-list creators and world travellers. Inherently sharable, these images make it easier for American Express to increase its reach organically, regardless of whether users are affiliated with the company or not.


Segmenting audiences by values, interests and demographics (or other criteria, like age, gender, etc, for instance) can provide better insights into the kind of visual content audiences prefer and where they like to see this content.

Tracking Content

Content tracking enables brands to determine what kind of content is shared and published most by their audiences. The resulting data can be used to create visuals, such as, for instance, info graphics, around the respective content.

Grassroots Influencers

Also often referred to as ‘brand ambassadors’, grassroots influencers are people who will naturally ‘spread the word’ about brands and convince others that a brand is worth following, using or buying from. Knowing who these influencers are; targeting them with more of the kind of content/ visuals they like and engaging personally with them goes a long way towards success.

Be a Winner

Be a winner by realising the power of visual marketing strategies and creating compelling visuals to engage ever wider audiences.

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