Social Media content tips (part 1)

Social Media content tips – Ideas for fresh Social Media Updates

The demand for fresh, interesting content is relentless, and even the most experienced social media marketers occasionally find it difficult to think of fresh ideas for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter updates. The following Social Media content tips may help to take the horror out of coming up with new posts.

Answering Questions

Look out for problems and questions related to your industry (especially ones related to your products or services) on social media pages and offer your expert advice whenever you can. Basic social media monitoring tracking keywords and mentions related to your company, competitors and your niche in general should help spot these questions. Tread likely, though. The key is to be personable, rather than sales-like, especially when answering questions that were not directly posed to you. Stay focused on answering questions, and if you have to mention your services or products, be subtle about it. You’re here to help, not to push an advert.

Asking Questions

Get audiences to engage by asking questions. Quick, informal social media polls provide fast feedback and promote discussions. Your questions could be industry-related (What brand of yoghurt do you prefer, and why?) or give you a general idea of your audience’s general likes and dislikes (What’s your favourite leisure activity?).

Company Milestone Celebration

Celebrating company milestones like anniversaries, hiring new staff, special accomplishments, and so on shows your human side and helps build stronger connections with audiences. These updates work especially well when combined with behind-the-scenes, event and team member photos.

Fun Celebration Dates

The calendar is packed with curious, unexpected holidays like, for example, ‘National Have a Selfie Week’ or ‘International Cookie Day’ (alright, I’ve made these up, but you get the idea). Take advantage of these days (which can, but don’t have to be, related to your business) and create content to match them.

Kids, Kittens, Puppies and other Animals

Need an engagement boost? Post or share something cute and watch your updates go viral. Baby animals and cute little kiddies attract a lot of attention, but remember privacy implications and never post images or videos featuring minors without explicit permission to do so.

Still Struggling?

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Coming soon…

We have so many more ideas for great new updates, we can’t fit them all in here, so look out for ‘Social Media content tips, Part 2’ soon…

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