Top 10 Ways to get more Pinterest Followers

Ever wondered how Pinterest users end up with huge follower numbers? Well, it is highly likely that they are using some or all of the following ways to attract Pinterest  followers.


Being an active user gets your name and topic out there, as well as showing other users you are just as addicted to Pinterest as the next person. As such, it plays a big part in gathering followers.

About Section

The ‘About’ section is a good way to explain who you are and what your brand is all about. Obviously, this provides people with a great opportunity to get to know you before following you/ engaging in one-on-one chat or gossip.

Keywords and Descriptive Titles

Using descriptive titles and keywords for your boards and images goes a long way towards getting your name out there and attracting followers. Make sure your image descriptions are also engaging and personal, as opposed to looking like cold, boring product descriptions.

Other Pinterest Users

Following highly relevant Pinterest users is good, as is spending a little time looking at new followers that have been pinned. They could, after all, be someone with the same interests and just as interesting as yourself!

Re-Pinning Images

It is good to re-pin images, too. For obvious reasons, you should make sure any images you re-pin are of good quality, as nobody wants to look at poor images and you certainly do not want to get a name for bad images.

Tagging Users

Tagging other Pinterest users is an equally good thing, as they might just tag you in something that interests you in return. This ‘tag for tag’ exchange widens your potential audience and helps to generate new followers.

Promoting Boards

Few people have time to investigate any other users entire profile and every one of their boards all the time. Most users do, as a matter of fact, prefer to look only at the boards that are of interest. Take a look at your boards, see which one already has lots of followers and promote this individual board heavily.

Special Occasions/ Holidays

Taking advantage of special occasions, holidays, etc, offers you the chance to get some ‘quick’ exposure. If relevant, Create boards for home-made Easter, Halloween or Christmas decorations or special recipes, for example, or show some special gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Wedding collections always enjoy great interest.


Using ViralWoot when joining Pinterest helps keep you keep track of posts and conversations.

Follow Button

Last, but by no means least, add a Pinterest ‘Follow’ button to your Website, and do not forget to link your Pinterest page to Google Plus and Facebook for extra opportunities to attract followers.

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