10 Great Ways of Generating Followers on Google Plus

There are many ways of successfully generating followers on Google Plus. Here are some of the best.

Personal Profile

Creating a personal profile as well as a business one and using both of them in tandem will help to improve both of them and aid in increasing follower numbers.

Valuable Content

Treating your Google Plus page like a blog; posting valuable content on a regular basis should also gather followers.

Trending Topics

Looking out for trending topics to find out what others are talking about enables you to stay in touch and comment on topics existing and potential new followers are actually interested in.


Take the time to figure out optimal posting times for your audience. While peak times typically see more people visiting Google Plus, posts can get overlooked in the ‘crowd’. Posting off-peak on the right day/ s of the week can be helpful in getting posts noticed more effectively.


Creating events and inviting followers to participate is a great incentive for people to start following you.

Other Users

Mentioning others in your posts could well result in these users returning the favour at some point or another. This provides you with the opportunity to engage with a whole new set of potential new followers.


Linking your posts to specific topics by using hashtags makes them easier to find. Easy to find posts attract more readers and subsequently more followers.


Avoid going on about Google Plus – people already know about it, that is why they are there. In a similar vein, avoid talking for days on end about the same topic. It is much better to change topics fairly frequently, giving people an insight into who you are, what you do and what you are interested in.

Social Networks

Do promote your Google Plus presence on other social networks. Doing this is a massive opportunity to get your name/ brand known and gather followers.

G+ Button

Adding a G+ button to your Website is an excellent tool for gathering followers when your Website experiences good traffic. Naturally, this means promoting your site and ensuring it is found and listed by search engines through valuable, relevant content; good SEO and an effective social media strategy.

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