Facebook puts a Lock on ‘Like-Gates’

Facebook puts a Lock on ‘Like-Gates’

Earlier this month, Facebook’s Platform Policy was changed to incorporate a ban on a popular promotional practise that is commonly known among social media marketers as ‘like-gating’.

What is ‘Like-Gating’?

In essence, this practice is used to attract ‘likes’ on Facebook in order to promote a brand, product, service and/ or app. It involves practitioners inviting users to like a page/ app in order to enter contests, obtain coupons or earn other special awards they would not be able to obtain/ enter otherwise.

The Policy

Set to come into effect on the 5th of November 2014, the new policy states that marketers may only invite people to log into pages/ apps; like a page/ app and/ or enter competitions thereon or check into a place. Actions like ‘liking’ a page/ app may no longer be subject to incentives. Violations of the policy may result in apps/ pages being removed from Facebook.

The Explanation

The network’s reasons for this change are explained further by stating that Facebook wishes to ensure high quality connections and assist businesses in reaching the people of importance to them. Believing that this policy change will benefit both advertisers and consumers, Facebook wants users to like pages/ apps not because they were offered artificial incentives, but because they wish to connect to/ hear from businesses.

Re-evaluation of Strategies

This may be a good time for social media marketers/ managers relying heavily on ‘like-gating’ to give pages/ apps without sufficient organic growth an artificial boost to re-evaluate their strategies. Re-evaluating social media strategies may include, for example, identifying areas requiring improvement by asking questions like:

  • Is the provided content of adequate quality?
  • Is the provided content fresh, original and updated at adequate frequencies?
  • Are comments/ questions by users responded to without delay?

Regular monitoring and analysis of social media marketing efforts should assist in revealing areas where improvements may result in more organic growth. If all else fails, it may be advisable to bring in social media professionals, who can not only provide well-written/ produced, original content, but also have the time and necessary knowledge to efficiently and effectively keep it up-to-date and promote it.


You may also want to look out for ‘Knockout’, an exciting new app currently being developed by Hit Social.

Still allowing for page likes on Facebook, this app is set to offer multiple like page requests, as well as additional entry’s on other social networks. Most similar apps are predominantly used for competitions, but from the 5th of November, users can no longer be forced to like pages in order to enter. Knockout will help to combat this and offer much more than other apps, in terms of social network growth.

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